Tubing House Following The Trend
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Tubing House Following The Trend

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300.000.000 đ
It is an irresistible dream of a beautiful nest in the bustling life, looking at this design will help you have more motivation to complete that dream.

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The interior of the 3-storey tube house is economical and minimal

- Minimalist style is considered the best choice for pipe layout, minimalism means the least possible use of fixtures and decorative details. Thanks to that minimalist interior brings comfort and space tosoid ventilation, while also saving you money.


- Not only that, the minimalist space is also easy to clean, clean and keep the house clean.
Using simple but subtle colors is a must. Minimalist colors are usually colors that are close to nature, bright tones like cream, beige, white, gray, gray, blue, brown, etc.

- Limited use of furniture in each room, only really important items. For example, the living room has sofa, tea table, television and lights. The bedroom has a bed, wardrobe, or can add a small tea table, bookshelf if desired, but the less the better.
Keep the wall simple, you can decorate one or two paintings to create accents. Use curtains and carpets monochrome.
Do not display a lot of decorations on the table surface, do not need shelves for decorations, keep the space tidy, do not use many framed pictures as a collection, or let many books pile on the table, If you want to put a photo frame, just one is enough.

Repairing the interior of a beautiful 3-storey tube house

- Different from the design of newly built tube houses - the architect is comfortable with the creation of a completely new space, renovating the interior space for the tube house in use is a combination of new furniture and utilizing Old furniture is still good so that it can save money while still ensuring beautiful space.

- With the project of renewing the interior space of a 3-storey tube house for this family of 4, the architect needs to create a fresh space while ensuring that the family's still good items are utilized and combined. harmony
- The proposed plan is to use neutral tones (white, cream, gray, ..), natural wood colors. These colors will easily combine with other tones as well as a variety of materials to ensure harmony in the space.

Interior design of a 3-storey house with a beautiful garden

- “If you're too tired, live in the middle of the city. At the very least, I go back to my hometown, I raise fish and grow more vegetables. ” - The idea of ​​a 3-storey house in a beautiful, peaceful countryside amidst a romantic garden space, full of vegetables and fruits, is a dream of many people.

- Actually, when you have a large plot of land, you can build such a home no matter where you are. A large plot of land is enough to arrange a house and a garden, inside is a comfortable and luxurious interior space, large glass windows, beautiful view to the corner of the garden. favorite vegetables and fruit trees, a few fragrant rose bushes, fresh and relaxing soul.

- It is an irresistible dream of a beautiful home in the middle of a busy life, looking at this design will help you have more motivation to complete that dream.

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Tubing House Following The Trend

It is an irresistible dream of a beautiful nest in the bustling life, looking at this design will help you have more motivation to complete that dream.

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