Villa Design Vinhome Luxury
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Villa Design Vinhome Luxury

Chi phí:

25.800.000 đ
30.000.000 đ

Quận Tân Phú, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

 Diện tích:210m2

 Nội thất: Đầy đủ

 Phòng ngủ:2

 Phòng tắm: 3

 Tỉnh thành:HCM

 Mã số:007

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Mô tả chi tiết

Investor: Anh Hai.
Address: Vinhome Central Park Apartment, Tân Cang, Tân Phú District.
Area: 83m2 - Apartment 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 2 bedrooms
Interior design: Free interior construction at Hi-Tech
Construction period: 15 days
Architect: Hi-Tech

-Every interior project made by Hi-Tech expresses creativity, breakthrough in design style, giving homeowners a luxurious, comfortable and relaxing living space. Listening to the desires and aspirations of Hai's family with the apartment he owns in Vinhome Central Park apartment complex, the architects of Hi-Tech Interior quickly set up design and construction drawings. Furniture reflects the needs of the owner.

- The apartment is modern, sophisticated, comfortable and makes the most of an area of ​​83m2. The living room area is quite small, so the interior with straight lines, thin and definitive is favored to use, creating a sense of elegance, sophistication, comfort and still extremely airy. Warm color tones enhance the elegance and sophistication of the house. Designing a living room adjacent to the dining room without using partitions helps to "cheat" the area, creating a more spacious and spacious space. Interior design of living space - kitchen is elaborate every detail, without any redundancy. The living room makes the most of the light from nature, everything is arranged in a very reasonable and scientific manner. One-third of Mr. Hai's family will spend time with his bedroom to restore his strength and energy to a new day. Therefore,Hi-Tech Architects have made this place an ideal space for relaxation and warm and peaceful feeling. Towards the break, there are almost no electronic devices in the Master bedroom space. Bedroom for children using neutral colors, lightness and personality

- Although the room for children of Mr. Hai's family has a more modest area, through the hands of Architects fromHi-Tech, the space is still exuding class. With extremely sophisticated interior layout, comfort and feng shui,Hi-Tech believes that Hai's family will have a happy, comfortable and happy life in his new apartment.

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