Interiors Apartment Royal City
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Interiors Apartment Royal City

Chi phí:

240.000.000 đ
242.400.000 đ

Quận 7, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

 Diện tích:360m2

 Nội thất: Đầy đủ

 Phòng ngủ:6

 Phòng tắm: 5

 Tỉnh thành:HCM

 Mã số:006

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Mô tả chi tiết

Investor:Mr. Phu

Address:Apartment R1 Royal City, District 7, TP. Ho Chi Minh

Apartment area:100m2

Design unit: Hi-Tech

- Interior design of modern style apartment is one of the design trends in recent years. With the architectural characteristics of using a simple horizontal bar, no fuss about the style or lines helps the design become clear, not too cumbersome and distracting as classical and traditional designs. Besides, with such characteristics, modern style design is really very suitable for medium apartments, suitable for many families today.

- Modern interior style is the ideal choice for apartments and small spaces, because it maximizes space and creates the impression of a larger room than it is available. Minimal texture and bold geometric shapes, striking neutral colors with a bold color, polished and unbalanced fixtures are the main identifying characteristics of modern style interiors. It is easy to understand when modern interior style is more and more popular and make people feel excited and satisfied is the comfort and harmony between spaces, elegant, soft and not fussy. or favoring a cubic shape. The color used is neutral, usually white will be the main background then add a striking array of colors to the wall that has been selected as a highlight.

- In addition, the materials favored in the interior design of this Hi-Tech apartment are mainly light materials such as wood, tempered glass ... creating a sense of elegance and lightness without affecting the area. room like the coarse built-in design.

- Interior design modern living room brings a sense of closeness and warmth. The color tone that the architect favored is the dark brown tone, which brings a sense of peace to the homeowner. However, the characteristics of this design are quite dark, bringing back the feeling of being cramped, but not letting the color affect such space, the architect skillfully turned the mysterious hard wall into a wall. open tempered glass brings a sense of relaxation to the space, increasing the aesthetics and creativity of the room.

- A very special highlight of the living room space is the wall with shiny natural stone. The gloss of the stone wall cleverly reflects the natural light, bringing a gentle contrast, increasing the brightness of the room. In addition, with this design, the architect has eradicated the boredom of the usual four-wall built-in design, giving the owner an impression. Besides, making cleaning easier than ever.

- Modern dining table design using a square wooden frame evokes youthful and energetic. Deep brown tone combined with wood design throughout the apartment. Adjoining dining table and kitchen bring convenience to homeowners. Besides, the design does not have partitions to help the room area is significantly expanded and helps to increase visibility, creating closeness between family members.

- Modern kitchen design cleverly utilizing the space contributed by the apartment, the architect has handled it cleverly so as not to lose the harmony and flatness in the design. The gray and black gray tone used to bring harmony and balance to the dark and deep designs, metallic luster is also a popular design trend this year. Green design space is also cleverly arranged by the architect to help make the space more friendly and fresh.

- Next is Master bedroom interior design with modern style . The light gray and brown veneer tones are used to balance the space. The design of a toilet separated by tempered glass is one of the intentions of the author to help bring a sense of relaxation in the area and help create a deep impression on a creative space. Besides, multi-layered star wardrobe design with wingless design creates an opening and more convenient for homeowners. The last point that brings beauty to the room is the harmonious combination of light, the beauty of light is reflected gently through each door frame and brings inspiration to family members.

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