Mandarin Garden Apartment
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Mandarin Garden Apartment

Chi phí:

34.000.000 đ
35.000.000 đ

Quận 5, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

 Diện tích:240m2

 Nội thất: Đầy đủ

 Phòng ngủ:5

 Phòng tắm: 4

 Tỉnh thành:HCM

 Mã số:003

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Mô tả chi tiết

Investor: Ms. Quynh.
Address: Mandarin Garden
Area: 120m2 - Apartment 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bedroom
Interior design: Free interior construction at Hi-Tech
Construction period: 15 days
Architect: Hi-Tech

- Not only brings a comfortable, classy living space, every interior design project performed by Hi-Tech shows the serious work and creativity of the architects so that they will not be duplicated. thought. It is this that we have been highly appreciated and trusted by customers "choose to send home".

- The high-class apartment of Ms. Quynh's family has been studied by the architects and has chosen a modern design style, heightening the use and showing the typical personality of the host.

- For narrow living room, interior design must ensure the openness for the space while ensuring aesthetics. This requires careful consideration of architects based on the needs and tastes of the host. In this design, the thought of using straight, slender lines and definitely brings elegance and elegance, modern and unique to the whole space.

-TV shelvesand shelves are designed according to the same architectural language, creating synchronization and harmony. The white color of the display rack on a dark wall creates an artistic dash.

- As a woman who has a special love and interest in cooking, the architects have created a very special space for the owner to unleash creating dishes for the family. . Along with shiny Acrylic material, the design hides the edge of the kitchen cabinet to increase the elegance and modernity for the kitchen.

-The bedroom has a great influence on the mood and emotions every day, so the bedroom interior design not only fully exploits the use but also creates a peaceful and relaxed space for the owner. in the room. In this design, the architectural team of Hi-Tech Decor has exploited the right preferences of customers in the use of colors, interior layout, bringing satisfaction and comfort to the homeowner.

- Do not put too much furniture in the room, but in this bedroom interior design, anyone can feel the comfort, modern and a bit of the personality of the host. The flexibility in using colors and design lines, is providing a really comfortable space to relax, meeting the maximum interior design needs of the host.

- With the spirit of bringing customers unexpected experiences in their own home, Hi-Tech has tried to make a difference in each space but still has an invisible connection thanks to the uniformity in style and design language. Therefore, in any project, Hi-Tech receives positive feedback from customers. That is the motivation for us to increasingly improve and develop more to bring customers quality furniture.

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